Landmarks and Monuments - Aetolia Online Help

2.10 Landmarks and Monuments

Certain significant locations in the land are known to all Aetolians by the age of 18. These are typically marked by landmarks which were erected by Windchaser, founder of the Fellowship of Explorers. These landmarks can pathed to using Aetolia's built in pathfinding system (HELP PATHFINDING).

 - View a list of local and global landmarks. Local landmarks are defined as
   numerous points of interest in the immediate area, while global landmarks are
   useful locations no matter where you are!

PATH FIND <landmark/monument name>

PATH FIND <vnum>
 - This command will pull up a list of directions needed to get to your chosen
   destination. You may also reference a specific room with its vnum. To find
   the vnum, check your MAP (help MAPS). At the very top of your map, most rooms
   will be marked with a vnum, commonly referred to as a "coordinate" or
   "waypoint" in-character:

   --- Map 69: Enorian --------------- v2048 ---
   (In this instance, 2048 is the room's vnum.)

 - This command, usable only after finding a path, will take you to that
   location as fast as possible. Many options exist with pathfinding. View HELP
   MAP to see how to make the most of this command.

 - Memorizes your current room as a personal landmark, allowing you to pathfind to it. You may learn up to ten personal landmarks in your journeys across the lands.

FORGET <name>
 - Forget a personal landmark.

WALK TO <monument name>
 - An old means of moving about the lands, you may WALK TO a location to take
   a slower, scenic route. This is useful if you want to learn the lay of the
 - Will move you one room closer to the monument if you're able to walk to
   that room normally.