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11.2.10 Omei, the Artist

"And the end came thus."

From the starlit void beyond the clouds, Omei watches the world.

Inscrutable and ominous, the Goddess is known in many guises. The indigenous peoples of the Itzatl know Her as Tecpatl, the Cat; the old High Dwarves called Her Mother Black; in Djeir, She is called Tenebre; while most of Eastern Sapience thinks of Her as the Artist, the Nightmare, or the Moon.

Omei governs the realms of art, emotion, and dreams. The world is Her canvas, on which She illustrates beauty in bone and blood. Mortalkind owes to Her its ability to feel. Whether whimsy and inspiration, whispered words to a lover, or great passion which drives men of lust to love and kill, all are acts of purest devotion to the Goddess Omei.

The followers of Omei are strangeling and uncomfortable in the world, driven to madness. Her love marks them in deformities and uncontrollable visions of prophecy. She favors the doomsayer and the fortune teller, the madman and the desperate drunk. The undead, known to Her fold as the Dreamless, feel Omei's uncontrollable hatred. They reject Her dreams, and in return, She robs them of all but hollow echoes of their emotion.

Omei claims the Moth as Her symbol, first and foremost. Followers of Omei recognize the Spear as a holy sign, as well, and the Moon above all things.