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11.2.10 Omei, the Beast Queen

The savage ruler of the realm of dreams, Omei wants nothing more than total dominion over the waking world.

Mortally wounded in the battle with Odravh, the Goddess reformed Herself by taking the body of a shapeshifter in 419 MA. She feels a great kinship with the beasts of Sapience, who She believes are truly free, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Her territory is Tecpatl's Cradle, a parcel of the dreamspace that is slowly spreading across the Prime Material Plane. It is here that She commands absolute authority and power - but does not wield it greedily. It is said that Omei's closest worshippers, and those mortals She favors, can alter the dreamspace, exhibiting small inklings of Her ability.

Omei does not teach tenets and does not desire the preaching of Her ways, for having "ways" at all is antithesis to Her philosophy. She asks only two things: that Her worshippers remove the fetters of civilized society, and that they are unquestioningly loyal.

Her symbols are many, for She adopts the traditional practices of Ka-la-kai. Chief among these are scorpions, spears, moths, and above all else, the moon.