REANIMATION - Aetolia Online Help


Reanimation is the process by which the undead and vampires repair      
damage done to their bodies. All undead have the ability to learn this  

The first step to preparing an undead curative is the acquiring of the
ingredients, which consist of fresh organ slices, which are dissected
from corpses, and inks. Anyone with the proper skill can dissect organ
slices from a corpse. Those skilled in Necromancy will usually be able
to dissect more organ slices from a single corpse.

Organ slices are acquired from dissecting corpses. Many are common to
all creatures of sufficient strength; others, such as bladder and
sulphurite, are found only in specific creatures. Many of these slices
can be used to cure many ailments which may strike the undead body. HELP
CURES REANIMATION will detail this further. As mentioned, skilled
Necromancers will be able to dissect more slices from a corpse.

Serums are a combination of organ slices and inks, fermented in a
cauldron. Serums can be used to heal a variety of problems, raise
certain defenses, and heal both mana and health. Read HELP CURES
REANIMATION for more information. Furthermore, those who are skilled in
Hematurgy may use their wisp to ferment the serum, combining it with
their blood, increasing how much is produced. Serums are stored in vials
and, should one have a needle in their possession, they may STICK
<serum> to use it.

Tinctures are produced the same way as serums, but must be injected into
the body. To use a tincture one must acquire a syringe. SIPHON          
<tincture> INTO <syringe> will fill the syringe with 10 uses. One must  
then FLICK <tincture|syringe> to keep it from settling. The tincture can
then be used with INJECT <tincture>. One may always empty the syringe   
with SQUIRT <tincture|syringe>. Read HELP CURES REANIMATION for what    
individual tinctures do.                                                

Poultices are prepared differently. They are made from carefully treated
organ slices, which have been properly anointed with various inks. Once
a slice, or several slices, has or have been anointed with the
appropriate numbers of the correct inks, one may PREPARE <number> <type>
POULTICE, assuming one has the skill in Reanimation to do such. Only
then may one use the poultice with PRESS <poultice> or PRESS <poultice>
ON <bodypart>. Teradrim skilled in Animation may produce more presses on
a new poultice. Once again, read HELP CURES REANIMATION for what powers
different poultices have.