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Following His escape from the dreamworld wherein He'd previously been trapped amidst the memories of the lost Kelki of Kelsys, Slyphe, formerly known as the Maelstrom, underwent a series of changes in direct response to the both awe-inspiring and fateful images He'd been subjected to within.

Placing the ideal of creation as one of His primary motivators and teachings, He emphasizes the importance of expression through creation, and maintaining a sense of pride in that which you create. This pride is to act as a spark of sorts to push His followers to improve upon that which they create, as perfection may not be necessarily a realistic goal, but improvement upon the existing is.

His power over the realm of water is mirrored by its existence in nearly all that He creates. He regards water as an amiable source of raw power or nurturing, but also as a vital fuel source for not only His machinations, but the body and life as a whole as well. The appreciation garnered by this fact has imbued quite the distaste for those of Shadow who would see it so quickly thrown away.

Following closely in importance to the virtue of creation, and quite the handy tool in accomplishing it, is the ideal of perception. To view something at face value alone provides only one - often skewed - idea of the entire picture. People, objects, and even more complicated things like virtues and ideals should be observed from as many angles as possible to ensure complete understanding.

He is typically represented by symbols such as a cog, a ship, and a lens.