SLYPHE, THE MAELSTROM - Aetolia Online Help


All water, in its progression to join the ancient oceans of its origin, 
is forever adaptable, changing itself into a multitude of shapes and    
forms to best serve the moment. Yet water contains many facets; it can
be as calm as a gentle stream, or rage like the maelstrom and destroy
all that venture into it. The element of water must be respected, for   
its mood is always apt to change to suit the moment.                    

As is water, so is the Deity who presides over its forces. Long had
Lord Slyphe slumbered deep in the depths of the ocean, meditating,      
growing, evolving. Now He has returned, grown weary of the apathy and   
procrastination that has claimed much of the realm. Angered by the      
decline of Progress, He seeks to drown out the negative of the realm,   
and with Wrath He will make His distaste known for all those who have   
betrayed Progress.                                                      

The boundless spirit of the water element is made manifest in the form  
of Lord Slyphe, the Maelstrom, deliberate in His actions with mortal and
immortal alike, yet constantly shifting and changing to suit His aims.  
Quick tempered and vengeful, He broods upon no act with fear of reprisal
or harsh judgment. In the halls of the Lord's temple, His followers are 
heralded as champions of progress, and duly rewarded in their service to
their liege.