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Having returned to the realm after having retreating from it to work on Its mechanical creations, the deity known as the Fabricator, found that Its obsession with technology had changed It into a callous, uncaring God. In an effort to mend Its ways It set about destroying that which had obsessed It - the factory It had constructed at Libec Cay. However, the Fabricator miscalculated, destroying Its mortal vessel alongside Its factory. In the resulting chaos, Its chosen sought out Hasaan of Mournhold, urging the Kelki to attempt to take in the fallen God's essence before one of Its Siblings attempted to consume it. Their efforts succeeded and led to the rebirth of the Maelstrom.

Now known as the Maelstrom once again, It has returned to many of Its teachings of old - emphasizing the importance of freedom and growth to influence change, as well as the importance of progress and technological creation tempered by reason. The concepts of Impetus - drive, Succor - wisdom, and Perspective are ideas It preaches, urging Its faithful to set positive examples of change and growth to all around them.

Water remains central to It, as nothing else has the capacity to nourish or destroy quite like Water - it is a powerful source of nourishment, allowing life to flourish in even the harshest of locales. And yet, at the same time, it is a destructive force, one with almost no equal in nature. Let it be known that It is just as unpredictable as the water It considers central to It - wild and sometimes unforgiving.

Symbols of significance to the Maelstrom and Its followers include the trident, flowing water, the telescope, and the tome, particularly those bound in sharkskin. It is also heavily associated with Its favored children, the Kelki.