Statpacks - Aetolia Online Help

4.3.2 Statpacks

Once a character has selected their race, they will need to determine the stats that will work best for their character. We have currently designed 12 named packs a new player can choose from. Use the command STATPACKS to list all the available options.

When reviewing the statpack list here is the key:

Str: Strength                        CUT: Cutting Resistance
Dex: Dexterity                       BLU: Blunt Resistance
Con: Constitution                    FIR: Fire Resistance
Int: Intelligence                    COL: Cold Resistance
BAL: Faster Balance Recovery         ELE: Electric Resistance
EQ : Faster Equilibrium Recovery     ASP: Asphyxiation Resistance
XP : Increased Experience Gain       POI: Poison Resistance
WIL: Faster Willpower Recovery       MAG: Magic Resistance
END: Faster Endurance Recovery

Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence - classically - have increased appropriate damage according to what class you play. The contribution from strength, dexterity and intelligence towards damage now has diminishing returns. This means that as these stats increase from the average value, the effective amount each point contributes is reduced. This scaling change only applies to damage output, and will not affect total health, mana, or dodge values. As far as the other stat, constitution, it relates towards your health pool mostly.

Before level 21, a new player has the chance to reincarnate as many times as they wish - so this is the perfect time to play around with the statpacks and pick the one that works best for you. After 21, you have one reincarnation until level 100. At level 100, you will get a separate one that will not stat with the one you are left with after level 21.