Talents - Aetolia Online Help

9.5 Talents

Although skills, Tradeskills, and Miniskills will provide the majority  
of what you will want or need for a full experience in Aetolia, Talents 
can provide you with some extra abilities that will bring unique        
qualities to your life in Aetolia. Talents work much the same as many   
other skills, however once a Talent is acquired, you have no need to    
learn any further.                                                      

Talents will be listed underneath all other skills in the SKILLS        
display. Any acquired Talents will always be listed as Transcendent and 
all abilities within the Talent will work for those who acquire them.   
Each individual Talent can be learned from a different teacher in the   
realm by going to that teacher and typing LEARN TALENT OF <talent> FROM 
<teacher>. The individual Talents, their cost to learn, and their       
teacher are listed below.                                               

Talent        Teacher                    Cost
Floristry     Esine, the Botanist        65 Credits
Fletching     Fletcher Rodallo           75 Credits
Pyrotechnics  Ferlbo                     80 Credits
Luthier       Jessin, the luthier        75 Credits
Ventier       Philippa, the ventier      75 Credits
Linguistics   Herolt, the decipherer     60 Credits
Bombcrafting  Dalturia                   75 Credits
Fumology      Ood                        70 Credits
Tambourier    Evadne, the tambourier     75 Credits