TEKURA - Aetolia Online Help TEKURA

Most of the Tekura abilities are affected by a variety of factors.      
First, being in a stance modifies the damage and speed of each Tekura   
attack. You will always want to be in some stance or another while using
Tekura. Second, the higher your Tekura, the more likely you are to hit  
an opponent with a particular attack, and the more damage you will do   
with that attack.                                                       

Tekura also has a Kata attached to each belt. Mastering a Kata will
give you a bonus to damage and accuracy for skills at that belt rank.
To master a Kata, you should first practice the form. When you think
you are ready, someone else can grade you in that Kata. If you 
successfully complete the Kata under the grading, you will be
considered a master of that form. While it is not a requirement to
master and be graded on your Kata, doing so will increase your damage
by 5%. 

Only someone who is either a black belt, or at least three belts above
you, and has mastered the Kata themselves, can grade another.

KATAS                   - View a list of Katas you know.
DEMONSTRATE <kata>      - Demonstrate a Kata.
GRADE <person> <kata>   - Grade another on a Kata.

GRADERS will display everyone online that can currently grade you.

     Belt    |    Kata     
1)   White   |   Jakata
2)   Grey    |   Lisagi
3)   Yellow  |   Rhee
4)   Green   |   Philos
5)   Blue    |   Tykorima
6)   Orange  |   Opha
7)   Red     |   Nexus
8)   Purple  |   Kali
9)   Bronze  |   Do-san
10)  Silver  |   Rhythos
11)  Gold    |   Krull
12)  Black   |