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The Ascendril Guild

Founded in 292 MA, the Ascendril trace their roots back to a group of   
Mages who parted with the Magi over a policy disagreement and under less
than friendly terms. Rather than dwelling fruitlessly on the past, the  
Ascendril looks to the future, offering all souls with an interest in   
the study of magic a home and place of learning. Their ultimate goals   
are to bring the light of knowledge and discovery to the world, using   
their scholarly prowess to aid in the progress of life and achieve      
mastery over the elements.                                              

Establishing themselves within the Beacon of Light, the Ascendril make  
use of the skills of Elemancy, Crystalism, and Enchanting. The archmages
and spellweavers there hone their art in the Hall of the Elements.      

Beginning students can expect lessons in Elemancy and Crystalism to be a
part of their core curriculum. Elemancy teaches the young ward to      
channel and weave the elemental powers of Water, Fire, and Spirit. They 
begin with simple spells such as a veil of fire to protect from harm and
making mirror images of themselves and as they learn more will          
eventually reach the more difficult abilities such as flooding an area  
with water or the creation of the highly dangerous holocaust globe.     
Through Crystalism, the student will learn to embed a variety of        
vibrations in the ground for effects ranging from recovery of mind and  
body to the bending of time itself.