The Brawl - Aetolia Online Help

17.1.8 The Brawl

The Brawl is a free-for-all that is staged approximately once every 
two Aetolian years in the Delosian arena.

The event is infamous for its only standing rule being 'kill or be 
killed', causing many participating combatants to employ unsavory
tactics such as bribery and betrayal in order to come out on top.
These strategies seem to not only be allowed, but encouraged.

A special mist has been scheduled to be utilized for each Brawl in 
order to discourage the prevalence of the large, roaming gangs which
have reigned over the Brawl previously.

The mist makes it difficult for combatants to find their targets in
the chaos of battle. The more combatants in a room, the more likely
anyone is to have their attack redirected into an unintended target.

The victor of the Brawl by any means is named the Delosian Champion
for a two year term and is given the Crown of the Champion for the 
duration of their reign, a powerful artifact that grows in potency 
over time.