THE CABALISTS GUILD - Aetolia Online Help


As a Guild of scholars, the Cabalists seek vast and deep knowledge in   
all aspects of life. Their studies are shrouded in secrecy from the rest
of Aetolia, for the Cabal understands that knowledge is power, and those
who direct their efforts towards this knowledge deserve to reap the     

The Cabalists' characteristic skills are those of Numerology, a lore    
based on the numbers and the mystical powers they contain, allowing them
to toy with the very fabric of creation. Their research into the dark   
arts of Necromancy rewards them with the ability to deal with the       
science of life essence, death and decay in their purest forms. Finally,
their abilities in Domination permit them to call upon the service of   
Chaos entities to aide them in combat, as long as they can coerce the   
Chaos Lords into pacts, by bribery or by force.                         

The ways of Numerology had been lost since the time of the Grand        
Artifice at the end of the Second Mortal Epoch, until Eocik, a wayward  
farmer of Spinesreach, found a cache of forgotten Ankyrean scrolls in   
the City's catacombs. The Cabalist thirst for knowledge is unmatched in 
Sapience, as the guild pursues greater and more powerful secrets which  
underpin the very workings of the world.