THE CALENDAR AND TIME - Aetolia Online Help


Years in Aetolia are numbered from the first day of the Midnight Age.

An Aetolian day is approximately 4 real-life hours. The following table represents how long certain time periods are in real life hours:

Aetolian Time                       Real hours
1 day                                  4 hours
1 month                              100 hours
1 season                             300 hours
1 year                              1200 hours

You can see the current Aetolian date using the DATE command by itself.

You can also convert between Aetolian dates and OOC dates by the        
following methods:                                                      

To convert from Aetolian to OOC dates: DATE <day> <month> <year>
Example: DATE 4 VARIACH 304

To convert from OOC to Aetolian dates: DATE <month>/<day>/<year> <hour>
Example: DATE 12/21/2012 12

Note: You can also configure your time to your time zone. CONFIG TIMEZONE for more information. This only works for time and not for date.

There are 12 months in a year, with each month having 25 days in it. The
months are as follows:

1) Variach   (mid-winter)
2) Severin   (late winter)
3) Ios       (early spring)
4) Arios     (mid-spring)
5) Chakros   (late spring)
6) Khepary   (early summer)
7) Midsummer
8) Lleian    (late summer)
9) Lanosian  (early autumn)
10) Niuran   (mid-autumn)
11) Slyphian (late autumn)
12) Haernos  (early winter)

The four seasons are as follows:

Winter: 10 Haernos - 9 Ios
Spring: 10 Ios - 9 Khepary
Summer: 10 Khepary - 9 Lanosian
Autumn: 10 Lanosian - 9 Haernos