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Across the land, few can claim to bear such a fervent commitment to their cause as the Zealots of the Daru Monastery. Unflinching in their ideals, Zealots hold the Light and the promise of Dawn above all else. These warriors of the Light stand as loyal citizens and staunch defenders of their home in Enorian.

The Daru Monastery was founded in the Year 94 of the Midnight Age by a group of Sentaari monks who wished to walk a path of righteousness in the Light. Finding strength in the heat and light of holy fire, they followed Lord Rahn's tenet of Perfection until His demise. With Lady Auresae, the guild re-focused itself on the path of Purity -- its highest ideal to this day, as Zealots look to banish Corruption from within. And as devout seekers of self-improvement, they strive to perfect themselves in Mind, Body, and Will.

From the Sentaari, the Daru retained the skills of Tekura and Telepathy. With the martial art, Tekura, Zealots train their bodies to become deadly weapons. The harsh regime necessary to master the art of Tekura teaches patience, discipline, and eventually an increased self-understanding. Likewise, Zealots train their minds in the art of Telepathy to hinder and harm agents of Shadow. So extreme is their mental focus that they can even rain death on an enemy from afar with the power of the mind itself. Perhaps their greatest strength, however, is the power of Illumination. Like their brothers and sisters in the Luminary guild, Daru Zealots use Illumination to channel their Inner Spark and unleash fire and light as both an awesome weapon and formidable defense.