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8.2.5 The Indorani

Residing in their Dark Tower within Bloodloch, the Indorani are the Priesthood of Despair, the Harbingers of Chaos, reviled by all who are not with them.

The Indorani often partake in dark pacts to increase their powers, summoning demonic entities from the Chaos Plane to obliterate all who stand before them. They are the Word Bearers, carrying the wisdom and knowledge of demonic lore and power over the very essence of life and death through the black arts of Necromancy.

Wielding the forbidden arts of Tarot, the Indorani are able to shape the prime material plane to their wills. By harnessing the inherent powers of the major arcana, the Indorani are further able to sow woe and discord amongst their foes. The Indorani can even call upon the aspect of Death itself to instantly slay their enemies, all for the glory of Chaos.

Indoron - or Despair in the common tongue - is wielded as a weapon by the Indorani. By harnessing the skills of Necromancy, Domination and Tarot, the Indorani impart Despair to their foes. Woe betide any who would stand against them.

Joining the Indorani is not for those weak of heart or spirit. The Priesthood demands that applicants possess agility in both mind and body, lest they find themselves unable to withstand the terrible price of wielding such dark powers.