THE LUMINARIES GUILD - Aetolia Online Help


From the harsh, searing brilliance of high-noon, to the soft play of sun
and shadow at dusk, light is ever changing. So too are its champions,
the Luminaries. Descended from the ancient Illuminai, those of The
Luminary are trained to watch over and guard their allies.

Able to wield mace and shield in deadly combination, completely conceal
themselves as motes of light, or have their angel tear the very soul
from an enemy, The Luminary are well equipped to both watch unseen and
to take action against those who fall to Undeath or corruption.

Through spiritual and devotional magics, The Luminary draws on the
powers of divinities who oppose Undeath: Haern, The Hunter, Auresae,
Goddess of Fire, Damariel, the Unbound, Dhar, The Underking, and Lleis,
Goddess of Renewal. Because of this, The Luminary values the different
paths and teachings that each God or Goddess offers, understanding that
the guild, and its allies, are most effective when walking their own
path. Even so, the guild remains vigilant, ready to act and purge
corruption from enemy and ally alike, should the need arise.