The talent of Luthier - Aetolia Online Help

9.5.4 The talent of Luthier

The talent of Luthier is the time-honored craft of creating stringed    
instruments, as well as the tools to play them. If you have ever dreamed
of mastering the guitar, harp, or violin, then this talent is for you!  

To become a Luthier, you must visit the master Luthier of Aetolia,      
Jessin. Located in the Grand College of Aetolia, he will teach you all  
he knows of Luthier for a fee of 75 credits. Once you have learned this 
Talent, you will be as skilled as any other Luthier, but your own       
personal crafting style will be the ultimate test of your creativity.   

To create a string instrument, there are several steps you should       

1) Purchase a blank design sketch.

2) Acquire a graph of the same type as the arrangement you wish to      
design, then DESIGN <sketch> COPY <graph>. This will make a copy of the 
existing layout on your blank sketch. DESIGN <sketch> ERASE will        
completely erase a sketch, allowing you to start fresh.                 

3) Customize your sketch's appearance when held, when viewed in a room, 
and when examined closely.                                              

4) Take your design sketch to a craft guild office and DESIGN <sketch>  
SUBMIT it for evaluation. The craft guild will review your sketch and   
make a layout from it if the design is approved.                        

5) When the graph is finished, you will be notified by letter that your 
graph is ready to pick up. Return to the craft guild office and DESIGN  
REQUEST <graph>, using the graph number specified in the letter from the
craft guild. The craft guild charges a fee for the creation of the      

Use DESIGN LIST to list all of the unsubmitted sketches you are holding,
and GRAPHS to view all of the graphs you hold. To create any of the     
graphs that you own, simply GRAPH #.