The Walker's Tongue - Aetolia Online Help

17.3.9 The Walker's Tongue

The Walker's Tongue is designed to test your ability to think quickly on your feet. The contest changes from trial to trial, and the following is the current contest:


Participants are broken into groups of two and will compete their way to victory as part of a single-elimination knockout tournament. Each group will compete against each other as a best of three, and the winner of the best of three will move on. 

Each round is as follows. The first player says a letter. The second player says a second letter. The idea is that you are constructing a word backwards.

Letters are exchanged until one player feels the other isn't making a real word, at which time he or she says "The Walker's got your tongue!" The challenged player needs to state their word, or admit he or she didn't have one.  If the challenge is valid, and no word exists, then the challenger gets a point. If a word does exist, the challenged gets the point. Best of five wins the heat.

Use the WALKER_KNOCKOUT command to view the current pairings.

On your turn, you can say one of two things:
* SAY <letter>, e.g. SAY A, when it's your turn to add to the word being constructed.

OR, to challenge someone's addition as not being part of a valid word:
* Use the WALKER emote

Rules about words: 
* Compound words are okay, so long as they follow 
* Aetolia-unique words are okay.
* No blatantly OOC words (velcro, computer, etc.) 
* In the case of a judgement call, the event coordinator will make that call. 
* No offensive words, nor proper nouns. Proper nouns includes such things as area names (e.g. Delos), and NPC names (e.g. Qeddwyn).
* English and Aetolian words only, but either American or English standardized spellings are valid.
* If your Aetolian word is something unique to you, e.g. a customized item or a pet, don't use it. 
* No scientific names.
* No hyphenated words, or words that contain any character that isn't a letter.
* When using the name of something (e.g. an animal, plant, item, etc), there must be something called that in Aetolia that we're able to readily find, either as an actual item, or somewhere in a room/npc/item description. e.g. I cannot use kangaroo because there's none of them in Aetolia, but ostrich is fine.

Each person will have 45 seconds to say a letter, or they will lose the round automatically.