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6.21 Undead

The undead exist in a kind of limbo between life and death. Not quite alive but not quite deceased, undead are often reviled, shunned, and feared - often for good reason. While some believe that the undead are bereft of a soul, others maintain that it is the soul's inability to depart the physical body that defines undeath.

The undead are fundamentally different from the living in many ways. Many of their mundane senses are diminished, and they stop drawing air. They experienced subdued emotions and lose their ability to dream. Their desiccated bodies can no longer process curative herbs, salves, or elixirs. They can be killed, but their souls do not embark on the same journey as those of the living. Instead, their physical bodies crumble and decay, reforming at a later time.

Different varieties of undead have been observed. Among them are multiple sects of vampires, known as Consanguine. Vampires, unlike other undead, require blood of the living to sustain themselves, though it is not yet known why.

Many guilds categorically refuse to admit undead, and indeed the Divine nature of some guilds' powers may well be anathema to the walking dead. Others, though, welcome and even promote undead membership. The Teradrim, for example, require members to become undead before advancing to full membership status.

Once the curse of undeath has been accepted, it is permanent. Cures exist, but they are esoteric and highly complex. Some Divine are also known to cure undeath, but the cost for this is often steep. For newbies, the path is much easier, however: they need only trek to Aaranu in Esterport and ASK AARANU BECOME LIVING.