Other Miscellaneous - Imperian Online Help

19 Other Miscellaneous

   19.1  Timeout           Ensure that you do not stay online by accident.
   19.2  Registering       Why we ask you to register.
   19.3  Clients           About clients and why you need a good one.
     19.3.1 Our Java Client   Brief notes on Imperian's Java Client.
     19.3.2  zMUD\'s Mapper    A few details about zMUD's mapper.
   19.4  Credits           How to purchase credits.
     19.4.1 Tokens            Rare currency for special items.
     19.4.2 Referrals         Earn free credits by referring your friends.
     19.4.3 Bigcredits        Large Credit Purchases
     19.4.4 Elite             The Iron Elite subscription
     19.4.5 Banners           Forum Banners
   19.5  Bugs              How to report bugs, ideas, or typos.
   19.6  Website           About Imperian's website.
   19.7  Lag               Nobody's friend.
   19.8  Suicide           Ending your life, permanently.
   19.9  System            The hardware and software that Imperian uses.
     19.9.1  MXP              The MUD eXtension Protocol
   19.10 Artifacts         Special items which may be purchased.
     19.10.1 Weapon Artifacts 
     19.10.2 Special Weapon Artifacts
     19.10.3 Defense Artifacts
     19.10.4 Stat Artifacts
     19.10.5 Misc Artifacts
     19.10.6 Armour Artifacts
     19.10.7 Transfers
     19.10.8 Tradeins
     19.10.9 Customisation
     19.10.10 Artifact Upgrades
     19.10.11 Artifact Gifts
     19.10.12 Token Wares
     19.10.13 Giftbag Artifacts
     19.10.14 Icecloak Artifacts
     19.10.15 Deathglory Orbs
   19.11 Admins            Administrative characters there to help you.
   19.12 BoundCredits      Almost as good as real credits!
   19.13 CreditMarket      Easily sell/buy credits for gold sovereigns.
   19.14 Arts              Literary and Artist Submissions
   19.15 GMT               GMT
     19.15.1 Timezones        Configure your local timezone
   19.16 Immortals         So you think you can be an Entity?
   19.17 Facebook          IRE's Facebook page
   19.18 Snowglobes        Special items that transport you to Mount Icecloak
   19.19 Atlas             Remnants of lost knowledge
   19.20 Familiars         Sentient pets, able to do your bidding
   19.21 Phylacteries      Celani leavings, containers of great power
   19.22 Changelog         Small changes not requiring a full announce post
   19.23 Toolbar           Information about the Firefox toolbar for Imperian
   19.24 RSS               Information about the Imperian RSS Feed.
   19.25 Achievements      Track your accomplishments in Imperian
   19.26 Autocuring        Imperian's built in healing system
   19.27 Passwords         Changing and recovering your password.
   19.28 Vote              Voting for Imperian on TopMudSites.com
   19.29 Mystical Beans    The mystical promotion beans
   19.30 Vanity Pets       Fun pets you can get in a variety of ways.
   19.31 Horns             Special horns that summon a variety of beasts.
   19.32 Promotions        Some of the special promotion prizes you can win.
   19.33 Wheel             Spin the Wheel of Fortune for prizes!
   19.34 Promo Market      Sell your promo items to other players.
   19.35 Ancestral Stones  Stones that will let you change race.
   19.36 Ancestral Chips   Fragments of ancestral stones.