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Anniversary Rewards

With the exception of the XP contest (see below), every event and game in the tournament is worth a certain number of points, based on your placement within that event. Each participant will receive at least 1 point for actively participating in the event. At the end of the tournament, you will receive 2 bound credits for every single point you've accumulated during the whole tournament.

Each event and game in the tournament is in one of four categories: Body, Mind, Soul, and Arts. Each point gained in an event in one of those categories is also assigned as a point in that specific category. The overall Champion in each category will receive a unique artifact.

The overall leader in points for all categories combined at the end of the tournament will be crowned the Champion of the Tournament of the Ages, and will receive a unique artifact as well.

Champion Prizes

The Champion of the Tournament

The winner of the overall tournament will receive the Crown of the Champion, a unique artifact which offers to the owner increased health regeneration and speedier balance recovery. A free customisation is offered with this item.

The Champion of the Body
The Champion of the Body will be granted a pair of powerful gloves which will allow the wearer to grab at a specific target, preventing the target from leaving the Champion's room. A free customisation is offered with this item.

The Champion of the Soul
The Champion of the Spirit will be granted a pair of powerful bracers which will increase experience gained in Imperian and decrease the damage taken from mobiles. A free customisation is offered with this item.

The Champion of the Mind
The Champion of the Mind will be granted a powerful circlet which will allow the owner to speak all mortal languages, recover equilibrium slightly faster, and offers a chance to resist stupidity and confusion afflictions. A free customisation is offered with this item.

The Champion of the Arts
The Champion of the Arts will be granted a toolbelt which will allow the owner to craft 10 items per day without using any commodities at all. This applies to all tradeskill and alchemy items. A free customisation is offered with this item.

Team Event Prizes
Every day a single team event is scheduled. Teams will be grouped as circles.

The Tower of the Watcher. 
 - The dead spirit of an ancient watchman sits high atop the tower which is placed at your city gates (or somewhere else if needed).
 - City members can CONFIG WATCHER ON|OFF
 - If you have watching turned on, you will get messages whenever three city enemies or more are in the same room.
 - The message will only state character names and the area they are in.
 - If they enter your city, rooms names will be displayed.
 - It will tick every 30 seconds.
 - Veiled characters are completely ignored. 
 - The city/council that wins this item, will have it custom built and themed for them. 
 - This is a permanent item. It will not be offered for an award next year and will not be removed from your city.

XP Event Prizes
The XP event will run from Friday, April 18th thru Saturday, April 27th. Nine full days of hunting. An epic endurance contest. Prizes will be given to the top 10 individuals who gain the most XP and to the circle whose members gain the most combined expereience in that time. The prizes are listed below.

Indivdual Prizes
- 1st : 1500 credits
- 2nd : 1000 credits
- 3rd : 900 credits
- 4th : 800 credits
- 5th : 750 credits
- 6th : 700 credits
- 7th : 650 credits
- 8th : 600 credits
- 9th : 550 credits
- 10th: 500 credits

Individuals can also win bound credits at each of the following checkpoints for a total of 30 credits.
- 5 bound credits for reaching 1,000,000 points
- 10 bound credits for reaching 5,000,000 points
- 15 bound credits for reaching 10,000,000 points

Team Prize
- City Themed Assembly Items
- If your circle wins the XP event. We will fashion a unique assembly set for your city or council.
- They will be limited edition and will never be brought back. 
- They will only be awarded to characters that earn at least 5,000,000 points in the xp contest.