Auction Wares - Imperian Online Help

Auction Wares

Acrobatic Boots
 - These boots let you use the abilities of kipup, frontflip,
   and backflip.

An eerily shimmering belt
 - ASSUME GHOST FORM to use it, only the artifact owner can do this
 - This gives a "ghost form" defence, which makes you safe from harm
   and allows you to bypass any obstacles (including doors and gates)
 - Your body remains behind (technically it's a mob with your name);
   using any bashing attack on the body forces the owner out of the 
   ghost form
 - While ghostformed, the only commands available to you are directional
   movement commands, LOOK, MAP, and HUMAN; no emotes/says/etc
 - The HUMAN command allows you to leave the ghost form
 - All methods of leaving the ghost form cause you to return back to 
   the room where you started, and where your body is located
 - While ghostformed, others can see you move, and they can see you on
   LOOK; they can also target emotes/says at you
 - You can enter cities and similar restricted locations while ghostformed
 - Farsight shows the location of the ghost, not the location of the body
 - Portals, prisms, and similar abilities can -not- be targetted at a
   ghostformed player
 - If you find a way to leave ghostform without returning back to your
   body, it's a bug, report it, don't abuse it
 - If you find a way to travel to a ghostformed player or attack 
   him/her, it's likewise a bug, report it, don't abuse it
 - The idea is that the artifact is an exploring/scouting/spying tool,
   NOT a raiding tool; in ghost form, you can watch, but can't affect 
   your surroundings in any way, nor allow others to do so
 - The artifact is also not an escape one, as your body can be attacked
   and force you back

Angelic Medallion
 - This item will give you the appearance of an angel. More importantly 
   it will randomly raise a single stat from 1 to 3 points. The stat
   type and amount will randomly change every Imperian month.
   NOTE: The medallion's stat buff of the month will not stack with
   a buff given by any other artifacts.

Artifact Pets
 - These pets can be completely customised (within reason), but must
   be described as a semi-normal animal. A black panther or a bear
   is fine. A dragon is not.
 - Some artifacts have the ability to fly.
 - This pet will allow for 10 skill slots, and is the only way that
   any pet can have the combination of the mount and track abilities.
 - These pets are auctioned as tokens. If you win one of these tokens
   please send the descriptions and information about your pet to

Chests of the Continuum
 - Items placed in this chest will not decay.
 - Applies to items that normally do not decay in a stockroom.
 - Holds 50 items.

Custom Portal Wings
 - This item will let you have your own, personal wings-like portal
   room, with a customised item, command word, and exits.
 - You will be able to choose 11 custom exits to any normal room in
   Imperian, with the exception of cities, townes, guildhalls, etc.
   These exits cannot be changed. All of them do not have to be
   chosen immediately.
 - The down exit will automatically be set to go to the portals room
   accessed by the Orphanim Angel Wings.
 - Due to the custom coding required for this, and the fact that
   these wings are functionally more valuable than the Seraphim Angel
   Wings, the starting bid will be 2000 credits.
 - These will be auctioned as a token. If you are the winner, please
   contact Jeremy to redeem your token.

Demonic Sigil
 - This item will give you the appearance of a demon. More importantly 
   it will randomly raise a single unaltered stat from 1 to 3 points. The 
   stat type and amount will randomly change every Imperian month.
   NOTE: The sigil's stat buff of the month will not stack with a buff
   given by any other artifacts.

Fist-shaped earring
 - This earring allows you to use the Numbness ability from Kaido.
 - When you enter the command NUMB, all damage you take for the next
   10 seconds will be ignored. When the numbness wears off, you will
   instantly take 60% of the damage you would have received during the
   10 seconds of numbness.

Glass Terrarium
 - This portable and useful item will, once per day, produce a number
   of herbs equal to the maximum number of herbs that you can harvest
   in a single day. Use HARVEST <#>|ALL <plant type> FROM <terrarium>.
 - Use SETUP <terrarium> AS <environment type> to change the environment
   type of your terrarium.
-  Never have to travel to pick herbs again! Pick the herbs straight from
   your inventory!

Master's Collar of Taming
 - Similar to a standard Collar of Taming, but may be removed and returned
   to your inventory.

Miniature Smelter
 - This item will, once per day, allow you to CRANK <smelter> to make it
   produce ingots of smithing metals.
 - Every day, you will be able to collect 50 sinn, 25 cuhpfehr, 50 isan,
   and 25 of the valuable crystehl ingots from the smelter.

Phantasmic Diadem
 - Lets you choose a custom enter, exit, and room description. These
   messages can be configured as often as you want with the CONFIG
   command. They will require God approval before they will be set
   to you. You can even remove the direction that you move in from
   your enter/exit messages, allowing you to confound your enemies.

Phantom Mask
 - A mask that lets you conceal your identity, just like a
 - Syntax: SECURE MASK
           REMOVE MASK

Protection Rings
 - Gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from a single damage type.
 - Firescourge - Defends against fire.
 - Frostbrand - Defends against frost.
 - Poisonbane - Defends against poison.
 - Eupnoeic - Defends against asphyxiation damage.
 - Voltaic - Defends against electric damage.
 - Phrenic - Defends against psychic damage.

Raksha Band
 - Known as the "ring of returning", this item allows you to mark a
   room and instantly return to it.
           TWIST BAND

Scepter of Protection
 - SWING the scepter to make it work
 - Moves everyone in the *room* except the user to a random room 
   anywhere on the continent, outside of cities and townes
 - Additionally, for the next 60 seconds prevents anyone from 
   entering the area where it was used; leaving remains possible
 - Can only be used by the owner, once per a RL day

Scepter of Repulsion
 - SWING the scepter to make it work
 - Moves everyone in the *area* except the user to a random room 
   anywhere on the continent, outside of cities and townes
 - Can only be used by the owner, once per a RL day

Seer's Eye
 - This item will allow you to PEER <eye> <player>, allowing you to
   see everything in the room of any player, anywhere in the world,
   as if you were there yourself.
 - It will allow you to see into the room of anyone on any plane or
   any alternate phase of reality (phased, blackwinded, etc). It
   will not see through the Veil of the Obtenebrate.

Sparkling Lattice
 - This lattice, decreases the chance of a surge affecting you. The
   sparkling lattice guarantees that you will never be affected by
   a magickal surge while you are holding it.

Sunburst Glyph
 - You can attach this glyph to any suit of armour and it will grant
   you an increased critical hit rate. This effect stacks with other
   critical hit artifacts and bonuses.
 - The glyph can be removed from the armour and placed to any other
   armour at any time that you want.
 - Syntax: PLACE <glyph> ON <armour>
           GET GLYPH FROM <armour>
 - While the armour is in your inventory, the glyph will remain in
   that armour. If the armour is removed from your inventory, when
   the glyph's reset timer ticks down, the glyph will reset back to
   your inventory.

 - You can set up a tent almost anywhere in the world, allowing you
   a portable indoor room.
 - Syntax: SETUP TENT

Tomast's kitbag:
 - CURE <player> to use it, heals all afflictions, restores all health 
   and mana
 - Can only be used by the owner, and only on other players in the
   same room
 - Requires balance and no hinders, takes 1.7 balance
 - Has a 60 minute cooldown before it can be used again

Torc of the Dead
 - Increased in power as you kill mobs. When it reaches a full power
   you can set a place where you will be automatically rezzed the next 
   time you die.

Vine-covered oaken bracelet
 - This bracelet will attune you with the land and give you access
   to the LANDSENSE ability if you don't already have it in Perception.
   This ability allows you to see when other mortals enter the realms.
 - The bracelet will make the Landsense defence permanent, and will
   also remove the mana cost.

Wyvern's Collar
 - Gives the owner the use of the vitality ability.