Bugs, Ideas, and Typos - Imperian Online Help

19.6 Bugs, Ideas, and Typos

To report bugs or typos in the game, you'll want to use the BUG/TYPO commands. The syntax for each is BUG <your bug> or TYPO <your bug>. Please be as thorough as possible when reporting problems.

1) If it is a skill related bug start off your bug report by saying the skill and ability names.
2) Bugs are tracked down through messages received and user input. Please include whatever errant message you got and what you typed.
3) If there were multiple steps to the bug, or you are able to replicate it, please include what happened and in what order.
4) If it relates to a specific room or area -please- try to report it from the bugged room, that data is stored with the bug report.
5) If you have to report additional details or correct something in a previous report, please treat it as a completely new report and repeat everything from the previous one. There is no guarantee that both reports will end up next to each other when sorted, and it makes reading them very difficult.

bug <ability> in <skillname> doesn't work' 
- This bug is not sufficient. Please be as detailed as possible. Explain how it doesn't work. What do you expect to happen, and what happens instead.

bug The boar in the forest hit me with a sword. It shouldn't have a sword'
- This bug is also not sufficient. If you're reporting bugs that deal, in any way, with items or mobiles, it is necessary for you to report the number of the object that you're reporting. There could be many boars in the forest, and without knowing which one you are referring to, the bug is impossible to track down.

You may also submit ideas to the design team using the IDEA command. The syntax is simply: IDEA <your idea>.

Relevant commands:

BUG <whatever>
 - Submit a bug report to the administration.

 - See a list of all the bugs you have submitted.

 - Shows you what you submitted for a particular bug number as well as any comments on it.

COMMENTBUG <#> <whatever>
CB <#> <whatever>
 - Comment upon a bug you previously submitted.

TYPO <whatever>
 - Submits a typo to the administration.

IDEA <whatever>
 - Submits an idea to the design team.

 - Show all of your submitted ideas, or optionally, just one.

If you have an issue that is an emergency that needs dealing with, please type HELP ISSUES to see how to report it.