COMMODITY SHOPS - Imperian Online Help


Commodities are refined from raw materials that are produced by the common
residents of townes. The seven types of raw materials, and the commodities that
they can be refined into, are:

  Material     Commodities
  ---------    -----------
  Crop         Cloth, Rope, Fruit, Vegetable, Grain
  Livestock    Leather, Meat, Dairy, Bone
  Ore          Steel, Iron, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Sinn, Cuhpfehr, Isan
  Rock         Coal, Obsidian, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Stone,
               Gemstone, Glass
  Water        Ice
  Fish         Meat, Bone
  Lumber       Wood

HELP MATERIALS indicates about how frequently each commodity will be refined
from each raw material.

Raw materials must be delivered from the townes to a city/council refinery.
Refineries are found close to the commodity trade shops of the city. Relevant

    - Used in the refinery of your city or council. Will provide you with a
      caravan that you can then use to gather materials.
    - Caravan sizes: small, medium, large, huge
    - Lead your caravan in a certain direction. This will take some time.
    - The larger your caravan, the more time it takes to move it.
    - Travelling on roads will decrease the amount of time it takes to move.
  LOAD CARAVAN WITH <#> <raw material>
    - Lead your caravan to a towne's material shop, purchase materials, and
      automatically load them into your caravan.
    - The amount your caravan can hold is dependent on the size of your
      caravan. Small - 5 lots. Medium - 20 lots. Large - 50 lots. Huge - 100
  LOAD CARAVAN WITH <#> STOLEN <raw material>
    - If the towne attendant is dead, you can load up your caravan at no
      cost. This is recorded in towne records.
    - Go back to the refinery room of your city and deliver the raw materials
      that you've collected. The foreman of the refinery will tally up the
      contents and pay you. Not all city refineries will pay for all materials,
      and they can run out of gold. It is important that cities keep their
      trade ministries well funded.
    - You will also receive quest experience, dependent on the number of
      materials that you have successfully delivered.
    - If you are in a ring when you deliver the materials, and other members
      of your ring are present with you, the quest experience will be shared.
  UNLOAD <#> <material> FROM CARAVAN
    - Remove some lots of a certain material from your caravan.
    - The materials will be permanently destroyed.
    - Return a caravan to a refinery.
    - Any materials on the caravan will be permanently destroyed.
  TAKEOVER <caravan>
    - Take control of a caravan from another person.
    - The owner of the caravan cannot be in the room.
    - The ability to navigate to your caravan.
    Note: This can only be done if you have an open landmark slot. 

The transporting of raw materials can be a dangerous endeavour as there are
bandits that would like nothing more than to waylay you, kill you, and steal
the contents of your caravan. The larger the caravan, the more interest your
movements will attract.