Cult Rituals - Imperian Online Help

11.2.2 Cult Rituals

To manifest their power, cults are capable of performing various rituals.

Each cult has a belief, which represents the collective influence of the cult, and each member of the cult has personal faith. To perform rituals, both the personal faith and the cult belief are necessary.

Cult members can use the CULT FAITH command to check their personal faith, and CULT BELIEF to determine their cult belief. Both of these have a maximum value beyond which they will never increase.

Your faith is also lost if you are slain by a mobile. Dying to another player does not affect your faith, with the exception below.

If you slay a member of the cult whose altar you are standing at, or if you slay a member of any other cult while standing at your own altar, your own faith and cult belief will increase, while your target's faith and cult belief will decrease.

In addition to coded rituals, custom ones may be performed at the altar - see HELP CULT ALTAR for a description of commands that can faciliate this.

All rituals that require faith will take a hit on your belief, depending on the amount of faith required.

These rituals are available to all the cults.:



This ritual allows you to sacrifice a slain corpse to increase both your personal faith and the cult belief. If either of the two is at its maximum, only the other one will increase.

If you do not specify a corpse, all corpses in your inventory will be sacrificed. Player corpses cannot be sacrificed.

This ritual can only be performed at your cult's altar, unless you own the Altar of sanctity.


Cost: 10% faith

After a delay, this ritual transports you to your altar.


Cost: 50% faith

This ritual grants your target a +1 bonus to constitution. If no target is specified, the bonus is granted to its user.

This effect lasts for about two hours of online time. Only one favour of this type can be active at a time. The FAVOURS command can be used to view your active favours, if any.

Defender's Fury

Cost: 70% faith

Once activated, this ritual gives +1 to all stats and +10% to inflicted damage to all members of the cult, as long as they are located at the cult altar. The ritual can only be activated at the altar. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of the ritual is to assist in defence of the altar.

This ritual lasts for one Imperian day (one RL hour).



This ritual can only be performed at an altar belonging to another cult. Once initiated, the belief of the targetted cult will slowly start draining away. Do note, however, that your own faith and the belief of your own cult will likewise be drained, as they are necessary to sustain the desecration. Should you run out of faith, the process will stop.

You are free to perform other actions while desecrating - only movement aborts the process.

The targetted cult will be warned about the desecration.