Defensive Artifacts - Imperian Online Help

19.10.3 Defensive Artifacts

Artifact Shields:
                     Cutting  Blunt    Cost
                     -------  -------  -------
  Truesilver Shield   20%      20%      250 Credits
  Mithril Shield      30%      30%      500 Credits
  Lunar Shield        43%      43%      800 Credits
  - Wardancers will find the Mithril Shield is equivalent to the
    Tower Shield for damage and a buckler for speed and to-hit.
    The Truesilver Shield is 10% less in those stats and the Lunar
    Shield is 10% better.

Bracelets: (to increase your maximum health and mana. Only one works at
a time)
    Silver bracelets:               350  credits (increases by 5%)
    Diamond bracelets:              700  credits (increases by 10%)
    Bracelets of Epiphany's Grace:  1400 credits (increases by 15%)

Eupnoeic Ring: 150 credits
 - While worn, this ring gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from 
   asphyxiation damage.

Feathered Armlet: 300 credits
  - This ability will let you use the arrowcatching defence, which
    gives you a 33% chance to catch any arrows fired at you. This
    defence has a slight mana drain associated with it.

Firescourge Ring: 150 credits
  - While worn, this ring gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from 
    fire damage.

Frostbrand Ring: 150 credits
  - While worn, this ring gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from 
    frost damage.

Gem of Cloaking: 400 credits
  - Gives you the ability to hide your location and/or presenceon the
    WHO/BW/QW lists.
  - SAY TULAHUAR to hide your location from WHO.
  - SAY TULAHURI to remove yourself from WHO.
  - Use CONFIG GEMSHOW to hide your online presence from HELP <org>.

Golden Lyre of Shallah: 500 credits
  - A divine lyre that allows you to summon a prismatic barrier around
    you. This barrier stops nearly all attacks and cannot be removed by
    almost any abilities. What you can do while in one is, however,
    severely limited.

Phrenic Ring: 150 credits
  - While worn, this ring gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from 
    psychic damage.

Poisonbane Ring: 150  credits
  - While worn, this ring gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from 
    poison damage.

Ring of Magick's Bane: 750 credits
  - Offers protection vs. magickal and mental damage. (Approximately 15%

Rings: (to increase how much a health elixir heals you)
    Truesilver ring:          500 credits   (increases by 10%)
    Diamond ring:             1000 credits  (increases by 20%)
    Ring of Epiphany's Gift:  2000 credits  (increases by 30%)
Rings: (to increase how much a mana elixir restores per sip)
    a ring of Sukhder's Fortune:  500 credits  (increases by 10%)
    a ring of Moradeim's Favour:  1000 credits (increases by 20%)
    a ring of Aryana's Bounty:    2000 credits (increases by 30%)

Regeneration Rings:
  - These rings provide the equivalent of level 1 and level 2 racial
    regeneration advantages. They are cumulative with racial advantages,
    and with the runes from Runelore that may provide regeneration.
    Total regeneration may never exceed level 3.

    Ring of Vitality    - Level 1 Health Regen:      300 credits
    Golden Band of Baar - Level 2 Health Regen:      850 credits
    Ring of Meditation  - Level 1 Mana Regen:        300 credits
    Ring of Illuminas   - Level 2 Mana Regen:        850 credits

Quicksilver Boots OR Quicksilver Amulet: 800 credits
  - Lets you avoid the web tattoo attack from players.

Renascent Armguards: 300 credits
  - These armguards allow you to store all your defences, then
    instantly recall them. Ideal to raise all your necessary
    combat defences instantly, without any delays! Restoring
    defences can only be done once per 60 minutes.
  - TWIST ARMGUARD: stores all (allowed) defences in the armguard.
    Clears any previously-stored defences
  - UNTWIST ARMGUARD: releases defences stored for your current profession,  
    including profession-agnostic defences.
  - TAP ARMGUARD: restore saved defences. Does not delete saved
    defences. 5 minute cooldown. You must not be in combat for 5 minutes.
  - Note that certain defences, especially momentum-based
    defences, are excluded, such as engage, most of Kanai,
    shield tattoo, numbness, or kai deliverance.

Sanctified Aegis: 500 credits
  - This artifact will, when you are protected by a shield tattoo
    (or any ability that acts like a shield tattoo), convert any
    aggressive attacks targeted at you that bounce off your shield
    into 20 health.

Silvery Crest: 750 credits
  - Gives the wearer a 33% chance to be unaffected by Telepathy attacks.

Steelweave Surcoat: 750 credits
  - The steelweave surcoat grants a 15% reduction of damage from a
    physical attack.

Stone Rings: 800 Credits
  - Gives the benefit of mass salve while worn, of course along with all
    the disadvantages that mass brings.

Veil of the Obtenebrate: 2000 credits
  - Hides you from nearly all mortal abilities that can pinpoint your
  - Owning a Veil (not just borrowing one), allows you to cut past
    the Veil defence of an opponent when locating him or her. However,
    this will generally only work for one-time abilities, like 'sense'.
    Owning a veil will not aid you in sensing with abilities that trace 
    someone on an on-going basis, like seraph trace or forest track.
  - Does NOT hide you from abilities that do more than simply locate
    you, such as Bonding tracking.

Voltanic Ring: 150 credits
  - While worn, this ring gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from electric damage.

Wand of Reflection: 800 credits
  - Causes reflections of yourself to appear. Most attacks made
    upon you will hit and destroy a reflection, and all reflections
    must be destroyed before you can be hit. Any aggressive moves by
    you will destroy all your reflections. These wands are great for
    when you get jumped, or when you're in battle and need a short
    breather to catch up on healing afflictions. They can be used once
    per Imperian day and give you a handful of reflections each time.