Design Commands - Imperian Online Help

20.4.9 Design Commands

Here's a more detailed help file for the command DESIGN.

DESIGN NEW <pattern>          : Create a new design, given a pattern. <pattern>
                                should be the pattern's ID you want to use.
DESIGN LEARN <writ#>          : Learn a new design from a Writ. Writs allow
                                someone to craft another person's designs.
                                The Writ will be consumed in the process.
DESIGN <#> [SHOW]             : Display details of a design.
DESIGN <#> SET <prop> <value> : Set details on a design by setting the values
                                of different variables.
                                See HELP DESIGN PROPERTIES
DESIGN <#> SUBMIT             : Submit for approval by the Craft Guild.
DESIGN <#> WITHDRAW           : Remove from the design approval queue early. If
                                you withdraw and then re-submit, your daily
                                submission limit is NOT affected.
DESIGN <#> COMMENT <comment>  : Add a comment for the Guild.
DESIGN <#> ESCALATE <why>     : Ask the Divine to investigate.
DESIGN <#> CRAFT [quantity]   : Create an item (more than one, if supported).
DESIGN <#> BREW <potstill>    : Brew a Libations design. Make sure you have the
                                commodities in hand and a potstill specified.
DESIGN <#> APPLY <item>       : Apply a Metalworking layout.
DESIGN APPRAISE <item>        : See details of repair possibilities.
REPAIR <item>                 : Restore a crafted item's decay time.

Design Resources
DESIGN TIP LIST [category]    : List all design tips [in a category].
                                Categories include General, Banned, New_Rulings
                                and Allowed, as well as each tradeskill.
DESIGN TIP <alias>            : Shows the full text of a design tip.

Design Management
DESIGN LIST                   : Search! DESIGN LIST ? for syntax.
                                VALID FILTERS:
                                  Tradeskill (tailoring/metalworking/etc)
                                  Status (unsubmitted/approved/unapproved)
                                  Expiry (<X mos. to expiry)
                                  Pattern #
DESIGN SHELVED                : Where are your designs being sold in the world?
DESIGN <#> GRANT <player>     : Let someone else make your design.
DESIGN <#> TRANSFER <player>  : Permanently transfer ownership. You will need
                                to confirm this transfer.
DESIGN <#> FORGET             : You no longer need someone else's design.
DESIGN <#> DOCUMENT           : Create a sellable record of your design. This
                                is how you create a writ. You can then sell
                                this in shops, etc.
ADD <design#> TO <shelf>      : Adds a design to a Crafter's Shelf.
REMOVE <design#> FROM <shelf> : Removes a design from a Crafter's Shelf.

Design Maintenance
DESIGN REFRESHALL [GRANTED]   : Refresh all designs in danger of expiry.
DESIGN <#> REFRESH            : Renew a design that has expired or is about to.
DESIGN <#> RESUBMIT           : Reawaken a long-expired design.
DESIGN <#> DELETE             : Permanently delete a design, if possible.
DESIGN <#> PRESERVE           : Keep a design from ever expiring. Costs 2
                                credits apiece. These credits are NOT 
                                refundable, so choose to preserve wisely!
DESIGN <#> UNPRESERVE         : Remove a design's protection.