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12.6.14 Feinhorn Peak

Within the treacherous Gongen Mountains, Feinhorn Peak stands as the tallest
mountain of the northern ranges. Its craggy, inhospitable slopes and sharp
rocks have repelled many explorers time and time again, as few paths prove
reliable or safe over it. Feinhorn Peak has even been abandoned by the fearless
Orc tribes of the Gongens.

Atop the summit of Feinhorn Peak sits the awe-inspiring Inequedra, Tree of
Existence, a golden tree so massive that it cannot even be seen in its
entirety, as it vanishes into the upper reaches of the sky. A gathering of
hardy norrjin men have been able to survive near its base, living by the
religion they call the Faith of Inequedra.
Beneath the Tree is the entrance to the Inner Feinhorn, a complicated series of
tunnels dug out by the mythical ouroboros, Nysashgar. Nysashgar, who seeks to
destroy the immortality of Inequedra, has stationed himself within an enormous
cavern at the bottom of these tunnels, continually gnawing on the roots of the
Tree and knowing nothing else. He has since spawned many smaller ouroboros, all
of which roam these tunnels and seek to destroy the smaller roots that burrow
deep into Feinhorn Peak.

Its history is shrouded in mythical origin, with only a few recordings still
existing today of the great battle between Inequedra and Nysashgar that was
once waged, and is still waging.