GEMHUNT - Imperian Online Help


The grandest sport known throughout the land! Or perhaps not. But fun nonetheless. The idea of this game is to gather as many special gems which are scattered about the land in the time limit provided. The person with the highest score at the end of the time period is the winner.

To check your score for any gemhunt use the syntax that goes with that variation of the game. GEMHUNT, FROGHUNT, HEARTHUNT, or SHOTHUNT.

The gems and their point values (from rarest to most common):
   8 points: a rainbow opal
   5 points: a blue sapphire
   3 points: a green emerald
   2 points: a red garnet
   1 point: a yellow topaz

A froghunt is a variation of gemhunt where the gems are frogs, and they move!
The point values for frogs are:
   8 points: a ruby red frog
   5 points: a brown frog
   3 points: a lime green frog
   2 points: a light yellow frog
   1 point: a teal frog

A hearthunt is another variation of gemhunt where the gems are little conversation hearts, intended to help celebrate a little lovey-dovey holiday.
   8 points: a black conversation heart
   5 points: a purple conversation heart
   3 points: a red conversation heart
   2 points: a blue conversation heart
   1 point: a pink conversation heart

A shothunt is another variation of gemhunt where the gems are shotglasses, intended to get you drunk while searching for them!
   8 points: a dainty pink shot glass
   5 points: a vibrant violet shot glass
   3 points: a citrine-yellow shot glass
   2 points: a vermilion shot glass
   1 points: a murky grey shot glass

The rules are basically as follows:

   # A gem must be in your inventory for it to count towards your
     score. (Not in a pack or some other container.)

   # You will drop any gems you carry if you die.

   # Player killing to get gems is acceptable ONLY by the choice of the
     immortal running the event.  This will be announced at the start of
     the event. When run with killing permitted, experience loss for
     playerkilling deaths will be disabled for the duration of the event.

   # Gems will not be in houses, guildhalls, stockrooms or "Fog of Creation" rooms.

   # GEMHUNT will show you your current score.