GUILD NOVICES - Imperian Online Help


Anyone who does not have a class yet may go to Cerise, the Guild matron, near
the Caanae Ruins, and ASK CERISE JOIN <guild>. You will be inducted into the
guild, and will gain two of the three guild skills of that guild. Until someone
with the power to grant entrance to the guild promotes you out of your
novicehood, your ability to learn those skills will be limited to the level of
Adept, and you will not be able to use any guild-related commands except for
guild novice tell (HELP GUILDTELL). Further, once inducted, you will
automatically gain a prefix and suffix appropriate for your guild, if the guild
you are joining wishes its novices to gain said titles.

As a novice you may learn out of novicehood by gaining ADEPT in both your guild skills and waiting the appropriate amount of time set up by your guild. HELP LEARNING for more information.

As a Novice, you may quit or be kicked out of a guild, and you will be refunded approximately the number of lessons that you spent learning the guild skills that you lost. Further, Cerise will only grant you entrance to a particular guild once. If you've left or been kicked out of a guild, you will have to ask a guild member of the guild to induct you.

Directions to Cerise may be found in HELP CERISE. You may also read what is
expected of you as a novice in a particular guild by doing: HELP GUILDNOVICES

For reference purposes, the two skills that novices gain are, by class:

Assassins:    Spatium and Sabotage
Bards:        Thespia and Voice
Clerics:      Fayth and Devotion
Deathknights: Brutality and Necromancy
Defilers:     Torment and Shadowbinding
Diabolists:   Necromancy and Evileye
Druids:       Evocation and Pioneering
Hunters:      Shapeshifting and Pioneering
Mages:        Crystalism and Elemancy
Monk:         Kaido and Taekate
Outriders:    Wyrmriding and Trailblazing
Predators:    Knifeplay and Predation
Renegades:    Spatium and Sabotage
Runeguards:   Chivalry and Runelore
Summoners:    Noctu and Tarot
Templars:     Chivalry and Devotion
Wardancers:   Wardance and Bladedance
Wardens:      Trailblazing and Warding
Wytchen:      Runelore and Curses