The Guilds of Imperian are powerful organizations with varying motives. You may only join one Guild and many demand a lifetime of allegiance. While it may be possible to break this oath, the cost is often high.

The benefits of joining a guild are mainly:
a) 3 additional skills, called "guild skills". Each of these skills has many abilities in it.
b) A community of like-minded individuals to belong to.

Guild Structure
A Guild has a formalized structure to it. There are twenty guild levels, differing in name from guild to guild. Furthermore, there can be but one level twenty player in a Guild. This player, known as the Guildmaster, gains prestige and some extra power. It is a mark of respect and all such worthy masters of their skills should be crossed only with great caution. Further, each Guildmaster may appoint secretaries, who have nearly all the powers of the Guildmaster himself.

HELP GUILDS will list the various guilds of Imperian as well as showing you who the Guildmaster (if any) is. HELP <guildname> will show you information on that guild.

Joining a Guild
Once you have found a guild that suits your vision of life here in Imperian, you should seek out Cerise, the Guild matron. Cerise works for the guilds as a whole, and has the power to permit you entrance to any guild as a guild novice. See HELP CERISE and HELP NOVICE.

Once you've joined a guild via Cerise, you will gain two of the three guild skills for that guild. You will also be limited to learning them to the level of Adept until your guild promotes you out of novicehood, at which point you will gain the third guild skill and may learn as you please.

Once in a guild, you may see your rank in the guild (recall that there are twenty guild ranks, plus Novice) under your SCORE. HELP GUILDRANK will show you a list of guild ranks below and including yours.

GUILD PRIVILEGES will show you a list of guild-related commands that your guild-rank gives you access to.

Quitting a Guild
If, for some reason, you become dissatisfied with your Guild, you may QUIT <guild name>.

See also: HELP 8