HONOURS - Imperian Online Help


Usage: HONOURS <player>
       QHONOURS <player>
By typing HONOURS <player> you may see some publically available
information about that player. QHONOURS <player> will list some of the
accomplishments and major quests the player has completed. An example honours
file is:

Pondering Yobgal, Monk of Meditation (Male Akrabi).
He is 68 years old, having been born on the 25th of Artificium, 383 AD.
He is not a member of a bloodline.
He is ranked 29th in Imperian.
He is ranked 175th in Bashing.
He is the 268th ranked combatant with a rating of 183.
He is the 87th ranked arena combatant with 3 wins.
He is a Shamali in Antioch.
He is a member of the Monastery Council in the Taekyon.
He is a Paranian Climber in the Fellowship of Explorers.
He is a member of the clan called 'Monastery Children.'
He is a mentor and able to take on proteges.
He is considered to be approximately 95% of your might.