INVENTORY - Imperian Online Help


The word INVENTORY in Imperian is most commonly used to refer to the items that
a player or mobile is carrying, wielding, or wearing. There are two ways to
see what is in your inventory.

1) The INVENTORY (or just INV) command. This will show you a list of what is
in your inventory.

2) If you wish to see a more detailed list, including the numbers for each
item, type INFO INV (or just II).

3) If you'd like to see a detailed list of only certain types of items,
try INFO INV <something>. For instance, INFO INV SWORD will show you all
the various swords you are carrying. (For those of you who absolutely
need backup weaponry.)

There are quite a few ways that other players can make you drop, or can steal
items from your inventory. Putting a fist-shaped sigil on that item will
ensure that your grip on it will be too tight to lose it with many methods.
See HELP SIGILS for more information.