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6.28 Jousting

A mounted knight wielding a lance is one of the most puissant forces on the
battlefield. The sport of jousting was born from these knights to allow them to
show their skill with mount and lance without the fear of killing one another.

A joust is participated in by two mounted warriors, on a large field referred
to as the "lists". A wooden barrier referred to as the "tilt" runs down the
center of the field. The warriors take their places on opposite sides of the
lists and tilt and charge towards each other, each attempting to strike the
other with the lance, while attempting to block the other's lance with a

A point is scored for each lance that is broken upon a successful strike, while
a match is instantly won if a jouster dismounts the other. Three points win the
match, and draws are possible if both jousters simultaneously break their
lances on the other.


   - In order to challenge someone to a joust, you must be wielding a
     lance and a shield, as well as riding a horse that has the ability
     to joust. It's also a good idea to have a few reserve lances in your
     inventory, as you will need to replace any that you break on your
   - The challenge must be issued in a joust staging room near a jousting 

  ACCEPT JOUST <person>
   - Accept another's challenge to joust. You must also be wielding a lance,
     a shield, and be riding a horse that can joust.

   - Urge your mount to go faster. When your mount is going quickly, your
     lance strikes will be more powerful and have a better chance to break
     a lance or dismount your target. Your opponent's strikes will also be
     more powerful, however.

   - Urge your mount to go slower.

   - Change at what part of your opponent your lance is targetting.

   - Change what part of your body your shield is protecting.

   - Leaning will change where your opponent's lance will strike. If your
     opponent is aiming his lance directly at your chest, leaning to the 
     left will cause your target's lance to instead aim slightly to the
     right of your chest.

   - Shifting your weight forward and back works much the same as changing
     the speed of your mount; it will increase the strength of your strikes.

While jousting is generally considered a sport of the knights, any can
participate in the lists. Those well trained in the arts of riding and arms
will find themselves at a distinct advantage while jousting, however. In
addition, the more you joust (and win), the better skilled you will be at the
tilt, and the quicker you will be able to move your lance and your shield.

If you find yourself consistently losing at the joust, your jousting skill will
decrease. If you draw with your opponent, your jousting skill will increase or
decrease dependent on the skill of your opponent.