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12.3.2 Khandava

In the months leading up to Halitus of 651 AD, Lionas, the Prophet of the previously-magickal council of Khandava laid the seeds for what was to become a new council. Approached by the Dryad of the corrupted Al'Drym, he met with Roudimus, a flame-seared treant, who gave him the ability to twist the ground of the forest. The ground now fertile with demonic taint, the seeds that would grow to be the mighty leechtree were sewn. Months passed, and the saplings gave way to mighty roots as the tree rose above Khandava. It was then that Lionas and his lieutenant, Ahkan, planted the final seeds - within the guildhalls of the Arboreals and Earthsingers. These gave the tree the final strength it required to fully corrupt the council, giving way to a new age of Khandavan sovereignty. On the 9th day of Halitus, in the summer of 651 AD, the new Khandava was born.