LANGUAGE - Imperian Online Help


When you begin Imperian, you will speak Imperian, the common language, and a
racial language, unless you are a human. To see what languages you can speak,
type SPEAK by itself. To speak a new language, SPEAK <language> is the
command. To see the language you are currently speaking, simply type LANGUAGE.
Language comes into play in tells, says, and yells. All other forms of
communication are language-independent.

As you progress in Imperian, you will find ways to learn new languages that you
may want to take advantage of. After all, you'd do well to remember the
proverb, "He who can speak with the natives is less likely to end up as their

To learn a new language you must first find a teacher, some of the teachers are
listed below. Once you have found a teacher you must LEARN HOW TO SPEAK
<language> FROM <mobile>. It will cost 150 lessons to learn a new language.

The list of teachers who teach languages is below.  In parentheses next to the mobile name is the Imperian room number that can be used with the Imperian's pathfinding system.

Sylayan     Fenlar the Archer (1872, but also wanders)
Sidhe       Rallae, the Sidhe Scholar (953)
Akrabi      Rakaraska, the Akrabi Sage (13892, but also wanders)
Ssylsin     Alassithika, brood mother  (3627, but also wanders)       
Kohdon      G'Quar, the noble (16909)
Lycaean     Jiam Silverpaw, the Lycaean Knight (6556)
Lamira      Naiya, the Lamira Priestess (3430)
Hanyou      Yswlyan (15335)
Orcish      Only learnable via a language token
Xiur        Only learnable via a language token