Metalworking - Imperian Online Help

9.60 Metalworking

The arts of a Metalworker allow them to craft a wide array of items,    
such as plaques, beds and glasses, using simple components to create    
works of art. Those who also have a smithing profession will even be    
able to customise the appearance of smithed items!                      

To join the illustrious profession of the Metalworkers, you will need to
locate a Metalworking office in one of the cities or councils, and BUY  
METALWORKING PERMIT. There will be a charge of 100 credits, at which    
point you will become a Metalworker! You will then gain the basic       
abilities of your craft, although you will need to find a tutor to teach
you the finer arts of Metalworking.         

- PATTERN LIST METALWORKING: To see all the patterns available to you.