NAMES: GOOD, BAD, UGLY - Imperian Online Help



Picking a name for your character is a very significant part of the persona you
adopt while wandering Aetherius - Don't pick something on a whim. Our guides
consistently keep track of newbies coming and going through the realm, and if
your name proves unacceptable, it's highly likely you'll be contacted to change
it. Following are some of the usual guidelines for selecting the right name (so
you're not wasting your own time the first go-around):

- A good name is new and original. Is yours something a mother in a fantasy 
  realm would name her child?
- Try to avoid using words that can be found in the dictionary. It's frowned 
  upon in almost all cases. (Reaper, Starlight)
- Don't use popular names from books, movies, et cetera. It doesn't speak 
  highly of your imagination. (Gandalf, Lestat, Squall)
- Trade and copyrighted names aren't good, either. (Coke, Linux, Smirnoff)
- Try not to use anything too commonplace. (Bob, Pete, Mike, Stacy)
- Compound names are, in -most- cases, unacceptable. (BlackRain, SithLord, 
- Please, don't use names of Immortals in other realms, namely other Iron 
  Realms productions. (Caspian, Gaia, Mithraea)
- Types of names listed above, but spelled backwards, aren't going to fly 
  either. (Aearhtim, Thgilrats, Nevaeh)
- Slight variations on those listed above, especially variations of Gods 
  found in Imperian, are taboo. (Calyx, Starlyte, Skwall)

* Keep in mind that these are simply guidelines to save you the hassle of 
  having to use the NAMECHANGE command. There will -always- be exceptions, but 
  the majority of names found to be breaking these general rules will be 
  changed in the long-run. It's ultimately up to the judgment of the 
  Administration, and we often have to make compromises. Each situation is 
  different, after all.
  See HELP NAMECHANGE for more information about changing your character's


- Names including curse words, profanity, racial epithets, and anything 
  generally offensive.
- Names with multiple repeated letters. (Xoraxxxx, Whoooooaaaaa)
- Keyboard jokes (asdf, qwerty)
- Mostly unpronounceable names. (Trgynstysntrg, Pwnfsl)

Here in Imperian, you -are- your character. All it takes is to consider your
name in the context of a living, breathing fantasy world - would it fly there?
If you happened to be passing the village blacksmith, would he be able to call
out, "Aye, KillerCthulu!" with a straight face? We think not.  Remember, every
player is affecting the quality of our world, and by keeping an eye on these
guidelines you'll find yourself in a much better position, with quite a bit
more respect received from your fellow Aetherians. We trust you'll put enough
thought into it to avoid any administrative hassles.