Professions and Guilds - Imperian Online Help

8 Professions and Guilds

8.1   Professions        Read about Imperian's Profession System.
   8.2   Guild              What is a guild?
   8.3   Guildsystem        The Imperian system of Guilds.
   8.4   Guildmaster        The position of Guildmaster.
   8.6   Secretary          The position of Secretary.
   8.7   Guild News         The purpose of guild-specific news sections.
   8.8   Guild Favour       Rewarding and punishing your fellow guild members.
   8.9   Membership         How to see the membership of your guild.
   8.10  Probation          Guild probation and its effects.
   8.11  Guildtell          Speak to your guild members who are on-line.
   8.12  Changing Guilds    Switching guilds.
   8.13  Profession List    A list of professions within Imperian.
   8.14  Guildlogs          A record of all important guild activity.
   8.15  Novices            The youngest members of a guild.
   8.16  Cerise             The Guild matron, located near Caanae.
   8.17  Novicehead         The Head of Novices is responsible for new members.
   8.18  Classleads         Class representatives chosen to evaluate skills.
   8.19  Profession Ranks   Raise in rank as you progress in your profession.
   8.20  Guild Professions  How do guilds and professions work together?
   8.21  Switch Professions How can you switch to another profession?
   8.22  Forget Profession  Forget what you have previously learned.
   8.23  Circles            What professions can you learn?
    8.23.1  Affinity        How close do you conform to your profession?
   8.24  Apprentice         Learn a profession from another player.
   8.25  Master             Train another in your profession.
   8.26  Guildhalls         The home of the guild.
   8.27  Guild Health       Keep your guild strong and healthy.
   8.28  Guild Structure    The guild structure.
   8.29  Guild Privileges   The list of guild-related privileges.
    8.29.1 Guild Requirements Set requirements for novice promotion.
   8.30  Guild Mergers      When two become one.
   8.31  Guild Charters     Create a new guild.
    8.31.1 Modifications    Add a different profession to your guild.