QUESTS - Imperian Online Help


   14.1  Quests          Read general information about quests in Imperian.
   14.2  Rats / Spiders  Filthy buggers, they are.
   14.3  Mining          Learn to mine in Batrisian.
   14.4  Death           Quests to help you escape death.
     14.4.1 Charon         The ferryman of the Underworld.
     14.4.2 Dice           Gamble for tokens.
     14.4.3 Mirror         Gather souls to escape death.
     14.4.4 Revenge        The feud of the Underworld.
     14.4.5 Pomegranate    The fruit of the Underworld.
     14.4.6 Dillinger      Free the imprisoned soul.
     14.4.7 Statue         Statue of Mortal Limitation.
   14.5  Butterflies     Find the butterflies of the Khandava.
   14.6  Fishing         Fish the beautiful stream, lakes and oceans.