Racial skills - Imperian Online Help

4.26 Racial skills

Each race has a selection of racial skills available to them - currently
three per race. HELP <race> lists the available skills together with a
brief description.

The following racial skills are available:

Alertness - Be notified whenever someone moves into any nearby room.
Usage: ALERTNESS ON/OFF. This skill has a lower mana drain than the
equivalent Perception one.

Basking - Allows you to regain health and mana by basking in the sun. Usage:

Blood clotting - Increases your natural clotting to stop bleeding
faster. This is a passive ability.

Carrion eater - Allows you to eat anything, not only food.

Dash - Allows you to sprint quickly in a chosen direction. Usage: DASH

Digging - You are able to DIG and BURY items without a shovel. You can
also dig faster than other races.

Eavesdrop - Allows you to eavesdrop on conversations in nearby rooms,
even through closed doors. Usage: EAVESDROP <direction>.

Reserves bonus - Provides a bonus to your reserves of health and mana.

Fear gaze - Gaze at another player to afflict them with fear. Usage:
FEARGAZE <target>.

Natural swimmer - You can swim without the fear of drowning, and faster
than the other races. This is a faster version of Fluidswim from

Fury - Become furious to increase your strength by 1 point for 15
seconds. After fury wears off, you will be slightly weaker for a short
time. Usage: FURY.

Harvesting bonus - Allows you to harvest 10% more plants.

Infravision - Infravision lets you see in the dark.

Landstriding - Allows you to move faster in the forests. You will get
one extra move per second.

Rattling - Rattling is a special method of communication, understood
only by others of the same race. Usage: RATTLE <message>.

Sandburrow - Burrow yourself in the desert. Usage: BURROW DOWN, BURROW
<direction>, BURROW ABOVE.

Scavenging - Scavenge for food in cities and on the roads. Syntax:

Scent - Locate other players by their scent. Usage: SCENT. Will only
work if the target is in the same area.

Sight - Cure yourself of blindness. Usage: SIGHT.

Sleep regeneration - Increased health regeneration while sleeping.

Smithing bonus - Gives a bonus to decay time of smithed wares.

Sturdiness - Block many attempts to move you against your will. Usage:

Sting - Sting other players with a poisonous tail, hiting them with the
formaldehyde toxin. Usage: STING <target>. This is slower than the
similar Shapeshifting ability.

Swinging - Swing up into the treetops. Usage: SWING UP, SWING DOWN.

Tailsweep - Knock another player to the ground with your tail. Usage:
SWEEP <target>. If your target is levitating, this skill has a slight
chance of failure.

Water regeneration - Health regeneration while in water. Provides one
level of regeneration.

Water sleeping - Ability to sleep in watery locations.

Whitesight - This allows you to see your surrounding even in blizzards.