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In the year 665 AD, a great confluence of the Diavlous Army and the Malignist's guild was called. Responding to the tumultuous times within the Stavennite Empire and the great changes throughout Aetherius, a formal agreement was written into existence. This agreement resolved itself with the formation of the Revenants Guild.

The Revenants agreed to follow one route to greatness, this path focusing on three ideals; a steadfast devotion to the preservation of demonic arts, rigorous pursuit of Necromancy as a deathly science, and militaristic intent.

Whether walking the path of the Deathknight - combating heresy, lies and ignorance with a sharp blade in one hand, a shield in the other; calling upon an arsenal of death magick, rigorous training and a fearsome hound or finding a place within the Empire as a Diabolist - dealing with the unknowable fiends within the Pit, channelling your will into your foes and their signature knowledge of the necromantic magicks - the Revenant knows one thing, their victories may be great, but their war will never be over.