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23.4 Shards

 Seismic instabilities of the continent of Aetherius frequently cause small shards to be launched to the surface. While the exact origin of these is not known, it is widely assumed that these shards contain the same source of energy that powers the mighty obelisks as well.

Every now and then, shards fall down upon the continent. Isolated shards fall every few minutes, and bigger groups of shards fall every few hours. Shards can only fall into outdoors rooms on the main continent, outside of influence of any organization or affinity.

Note: Players are open to PK from other players while in areas with an active Shardfall in them.

Players who are sufficiently learned in the art of Survival have the ability to harvest these shards. This process takes 20 seconds and is interrupted when any aggressive action is performed, or when any damage is received.

Two known types of shards exist - blue ones are the common variety, while red ones are rare.

Shards can be used in two ways - they can be placed into the generators that have been built by each city and council for the purpose of storing the obelisk energy, and they can also be utilised by citizens to achieve various effects. These are gradually researched and made available to the general populace of cities and councils through the efforts of the War ministry.

Both blue and red shards can be placed into the generator - each red one counts as five blue ones.

The following commands are available to all citizens:

CITY SHARD SKILLS - displays a list of all unlockable skills currently visible to you, along with their current levels

CITY SHARD SKILL <name> - displays more information about a skill, as well as currently visible abilities within it

To make use of stored shards, the following commands are available only to the War ministry:

CITY SHARD UNLOCK <name> - initiates unlocking of a new level within a skill, assuming that you meet all the requirements. This takes 24 hours to complete.

CITY SHARD ABORT - aborts previously initiated unlocking, if any

HARVEST SHARD - allows you to harvest the shard out of the ground.

SHARDLOG <city/council> <start> <day> - lists shards placed into the generator

You can only see the skills for which you meet the pre-requisites, and within each skill, you can only see the ability offered at the next level. Everything else is hidden.