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12.14.19 Skegdald

A large tribe of Ogres lived for decades within the depths of the Gongen
Mountains, hunting the small creatures within the pass, eating the      
plants within the forests, and occasionally feasting upon the flesh of  
those travellers who wandered too close to their encampments. After     
decades of living this way, they grew tired of the bland plants         
surrounding their encampment, and their hunger grew for more, meatier   

In search of more hearty prey, the horde of ogres disbanded their       
encampment and moved down from the Gongen Mountains. Situating          
themselves in a clearing in the Ithaqua forest, they kept a close eye on
the villagers of Ithaqua. It has been rumoured that after years of      
living in the harsh environment of the North, these once regular members
of the horde have been changed into giant, frost ogres.                 

Few have ventured into Skegdald, and even fewer have lived to tell tales
about it. It has been rumoured that, like the ogres, the creatures      
within those parts of the woods have grown giant, wild, and vicious. The
trees grow large and strong in Skegdald, and the shadows of the         
mountains near cover the encampment in darkness. Only the bravest       
explorers and hunters shall venture into these dangerous grounds, for   
fear that they themselves may become the prey.