STORMWEAVERS - Imperian Online Help


Formed by a group of Mages loyal to Celidon during a Triple Eclipse, the
Stormweavers were founded under the guidance of Aakrin Krax'ai in the year 524
AD. While sharing the talents of their city brethren, the Stormweavers had a
deeper bond with the Wilds and wished to study the elements according to their
own tenets.

Now supporting both the Mage and Bard professions, the Stormweavers use their skills to weave the elements in support of their studies. Their skills allow them to call upon the helpful, and harmful elements within nature to aide in the defense of Celidon during times of turmoil. Ever curious, they continue to study the effects the elements have an all of their skills in an effort to understand and bring them to their fellows in the Wilds.

While studies of the elements and their affects when weaved in new ways is their first goal, the Stormweavers are ever diligent and watchful for those who might invade or harm Celidon or the Wilds.