Tayar - Imperian Online Help


A powerful force to be reckoned with, Tayar's history is wrought from   
the fight against the frightening creatures of the senile, crazed former
mage, Crevonix.                                                         

Originally, the Norrjin and Tanari people settled at the top of the Iaat
Ridge because the fertile land offered them several rich resources. The 
hardy people were able to cultivate vegetables, but were also forced to 
defend their weak and young against the creatures of the Ridge that     
would seek to dine on them. As such, the sport of hunting cougars each  
spring became a tradition upheld by the men that settled the towne of   

In the towne's birth there was a talented young mage named Crevonix that
lived among the villagers. The people applauded the young man, and      
provided him a place to study his talents. Crevonix would use the powers
of the Magi to repel any woodland creatures that might wander into their
towne or attack their livestock.                                        

However, this calm couldn't last forever. Crevonix continued to grow in 
power and might, and the magicks of a Mage were no longer enough for    
him. He sought to conduct experiments that the frightened the           
townespeople, and eventually they removed Crevonix. Heading out into the
Iaat Valley, Crevonix disappeared under the cover of darkness, and in   
the morning a new Tower had arose on the horizon of the Valley. Years   
passed with silence. One fatal day however, exotic, feral creatures     
began roaming the streets of Tayar.                                     

In a mad bid to protect the village, another resident mage - Gersayad - 
elevated to take Crenovix's former place and decided to try something to
protect the village. After performing a ritual, Gersayad crafted a globe
of magickal power which maintains a shield around the towne to keep the 
creatures out.                                                          

The people of Tayar have banded together, stubbornly refusing to let    
Crevonix, or his minions, within their lands again.