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The Hunter Profession

Armour: Hunters use their wyvern scales to protect them.

Main stat: Strength

Balance type: Balance/Equilibrium combos


Shapeshifting - Shapeshifting is the Hunter's primary offensive skillset, and it consists mainly of balance-based wyvern attacks, including wyvern claw, whose damage is based on your strength. This is the skillset used for PvE.

Supremacy - Supremacy is the Hunter's secondary offensive skillset, and it consists of equilibrium-based basilisk attacks that can be used while off balance, so that the Hunter's primary offense consists of wyvern/basilisk combos. The skillset is entirely PvP-only; though Resurrect can be useful in many situations.

Pioneering - Pioneering is the Hunter's defensive skillset; it has no active offensive abilities. It contains passive defenses used in both PvE and PvP, active healing methods, and utility skills for travel and exploration.

Combat Focus: Afflictions/Damage - The Hunter's primary kill method is to stack afflictions and turn a large stack of applied afflictions into damage. Hunters also possess the ability to instantly kill an opponent who has four stacks Blood Poison by Rupturing them. They can prevent certain curing and stack afflictions to move to a kill.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- Silver Statuette of a Basilisk: 600 credits
   - Increases damage of basilisk actions by 20%.
   - Attacks increased: lash, lacerate, and brainmelt
- Armbands of the Wilds
  - These armbands allow players with Bonding the ability to strike more accurately with the scratch, shred, claw, strike, and maul commands. It's difficult to express precisely the effect they have, due to the fact that they affect one part of a complicated formula, but the effect of them is the same as raising the to-hit of a weapon by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Leather Armband of the Wilds:     200 credits  Raises to-hit by 10%
Wyrmskin Armband of the Wilds:    500 credits  Raises to-hit by 15%
Wyvernhide Armband of the Wilds: 1000 credits  Raises to-hit by 20%