THE IDRASI - Imperian Online Help


In the year 435 AD, surviving Phantoms, once believed to have been slain in the infamous Night of Sabotage, re-emerged in the frozen wastes of the Gyanis snowfield as the Idras. Over the next 100 years they lived as mercenaries, trading their abilities in death-dealing for coin while carrying out a personal war against the Saboteurs who wronged them so long ago.                                                               

Unfortunately, changes in the political structure of the realm gradually phased out the practicality of a guild of killers for hire. This, coupled with the easy access to assassination contracts for any who seek it led to a period of stagnation in the guild. In 543 AD the sitting Feyn-al-Dracar, with the aide of the Idrasi Council, came together and brought forth sweeping changes to the guild, dedicating the Idrasi to the defense of Ithaqua as a formal military organization.               

These soldiers of the north use their skills in the complex art of Knifeplay to bring an agonizing death to those who would threaten their home while their abilities in Predation help them to survive in climates that would kill lesser men and offer a few interesting alternatives to dispatching a foe. Their skill in beastmastery allows them to subjugate the wilds to their whims, harnessing the talents of nature through the cooperation granted to a true beastmaster.