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The Runeguard Profession

Armour type: Fieldplate. Transcendent: Fullplate, the strongest armour in the game.

Main stat: Strength and Constitution.

Preferred statpacks: Strong, athletic, dexterous

Balance type: Focus on balance, equilibrium included in PvP


Chivalry - The core skillset of the knight, learning Chivalry will allow you access to the useful kestrel companion, as well as your main abilities with the blade and mount.  Doubleslash will be the skill used in both PvE and PvP, allowing you to attack with a weapon twice in one action. This skillset is balance based.

Runelore - A secondary skillset which allows for the use of runes, powerful magick symbols that can cause a variety of effects. It allows for the use of utility runes that can increase your stats, such as jera, or damage reduction and regeneration, such as algiz and berkana. It also will unlock your ability to use runic tablets, which can perform powerful effects in PvP. This skill is equilibrium based.

Smithing - A unique crafting skillset of the knight, this will allow you to smelt ingots and forge all manner of armour and weapons for every class. When you've learned enough of this skillset, you will also be able to etch markings into weapons that can have beneficial effects, and when you have transcended the skill, allow you to forge and wear the strongest armour in the game, fullplate.

Runeguard Combat - Damage/affliction. Runeguard can use the fast sabres to overwhelm an opponent with afflictions even while outputting an impressive amount of damage. This can be combined with tablets to prevent the curing of afflictions. Alternately, you may equip stronger weapons, such as the battleaxe or the broadsword to destroy your opponent with heavy burst damage while increasing damage and decreasing healing effectiveness with runes. Finally, a skilled runeguard will be able to instantly kill an opponent with the cleave and sunder abilities.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- A Stone Totem: 350 credits
  - Totems with eight slots.

- An Ornately Wrought Tablet: 250 Credits
  - Automatically contains all flareable runes, never needs to be reinked.