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The Templar Profession

ARMOUR: Fieldplate and fullplate, based upon completion of the smithing skillset.
Suggested Statpack: Athletic
MAIN STAT: PvE/PvP: Strength PvP: Intelligence
BALANCE TYPE: Balance/Equilibrium


CHIVALRY: This should be the first skill you attempt to master as it provides you with most of your weapon abilities, along with falcon masteries, utility maneuvers and two very solid instant kill abilities. You should put most of your lessons into this skillset, with only situational allowances for devotion and survival.

DEVOTION: Devotion features the majority of your rites. These passive effects offer you and your allies boons and often times damage and penalize your opponents. Templars have the unique ability to sacrifice these individuals rites through use of the ability to flare to deal additional damage. Flare can be combined with Chivalry's doubleslash ability, meaning Templar can put out some considerable burst. Devotion also features a transcendent ability that allows the caster to come back to life once upon dying. Devotion is a great second ability to max out.

SMITHING: Smithing is a tradeskill ability that, at present, provides little combat value. Upon completing it, Templars obtain the ability to wear fullplate, the strongest armor in the game. If you've got credits to spare, it's not a bad investment. Otherwise, this should be far down the list of things you want to invest in. 

COMBAT FOCUS: Templars can go one of a couple routes. In choosing to go with sabres, Templars have the speed to afflict and lock up opponents for an instantkill. Mastering this setup will make you a fantastic duelist, however, doing this will require an affliction tracker, a solid grasp when it comes to your client and a commanding understanding of the game in general. This route is not for beginners. For damage, Templars can elect to pick up a two-handed weapon and combine their doubleslash ability with flare in devotion. This is capable of producing absolutely brutal damage, especially in teamfights, should you elect to invest in a statpack like capable. You'll find yourself incredibly limited in 1v1 contests if the opponent has invested in survivability artifacts or a shield tattoo, but you'll be a great boon to teamfights. Beyond that, Templars can be incredibly tanky and defend squishier targets such as Monks. Templar even has a limited capacity to heal others through the use of the hands ability in devotion. If you're looking to protect a friend from enemy spells or blades, consider defending and also using hands. This will substantially increase the survivability of the target.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- Prayer Beads: 300 Credits
  - Reduces devotion usage by 1/2.